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Darvocet: Overview

Darvocet is a pain medication that consists of a narcotic pain reliever mixed with a non-narcotic pain reliever. The result is a medication that helps relieve mild to moderate pain.

What is in Darvocet?

The narcotic medication in Darvocet is Propoxyphene. This is a synthetic opioid, meaning it has no natural opium-based ingredients such as morphine. Rather, that particular ingredient was literally produced in a lab, using man-made (synthetic) substances.

The non-narcotic medication in Darvocet is Acetaminophen. This is the same ingredient that is found in many over-the-counter medications, including pain relievers, cold medicines, and other products. Acetaminophen is derived from coal tar, a by-product of coal.

In some countries, Acetaminophen is called paracetamol; however, both names refer to the same ingredient. If you are in another country and you see a pain reliever containing paracetamol, then that is Acetaminophen.

Further, it should be remembered that the word Acetaminophen is the generic name for the medication; the brand name “Tylenol” refers to over-the-counter medications containing this ingredient that is manufactured by McNeil Corporation. Tylenol is a patented trademark.

How does Darvocet work?

The combination of the synthetic narcotic agent in propoxyphene and the non-narcotic agent in Acetaminophen work together to provide more pain relief than using acetaminophen alone. Further, the addition of Acetaminophen means that Darvocet can also help reduce fever, making it unnecessary to take another medication to treat this symptom.

When it reaches the brain, propoxyphene works in a similar manner as codeine; that is, it triggers the same receptors. These receptors in turn send out signals to the body that block pain.

Acetaminophen also triggers certain receptors. The result, as stated earlier, is increased pain relief. Also, as mentioned earlier, this medication helps reduce fever. Fever along with pain can occur as a result of an illness such as pneumonia or because of an infection that is causing pain.

What is in Darvocet?

How Should Darvocet be Taken?

Darvocet comes in pill or capsule form. It is a prescription drug, so a health care practitioner will determine how strong the prescription is, as well as how much and how often it should be taken. It is very important to follow the dosage instructions carefully.

Darvocet should be swallowed whole, and not chewed or crushed. If a person has trouble swallowing pills or capsules, it can be taken with a spoonful of applesauce or other soft food, to make it easier to swallow.

Is Darvocet Addictive?

Yes, Darvocet can cause addiction, because the synthetic narcotic in this medication triggers the same brain receptors as a natural narcotic would. Taking too much Darvocet or taking Darvocet pills too close together can cause both physical and psychological addiction.

It is important to stop taking Darvocet as soon as it is determined that adequate pain relief can be obtained just by taking non-narcotic medication. Your doctor will determine how long Darvocet should be taken, and will most likely prescribe only the number of pills to last for that specific time period. Further, it will be most likely necessary to request a refill from the doctor. All this is done to keep the possibility of addiction from occurring.

What are Some of the Side Effects of Darvocet?

Milder side effects of Darvocet include dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. More serious side effects include heart problems, suppressed breathing, and bladder control problems. Incidences of hallucination have also been associated with Darvocet. If any of the more serious side effects appear, or the mild side effects become severe, the health care practitioner should be contacted immediately.

Is Darvocet Still Prescribed?

Darvocet is no longer available in the United States. It was taken off the market in November, 2010, following the receipt by the FDA (Food and Drug Administrative) of new clinical data concerning the risk of heart problems occurring from taking Darvocet.

It was discovered that Darvocet can cause the normal heart rhythm to change. In some instances, this change, called arrhythmia, can be fatal. Even if a person does not die from abnormal heart rhythms, heart damage can still occur.
In addition, information was also submitted that showed that Darvocet did not work as well as it was originally thought. Other medications actually relieved pain better than Darvocet and did not cause the heart problems. Based on these and other findings, the FDA chose to withdraw Darvocet from the market.

It is possible to receive less of the active ingredients than would be found in a “legitimate” source, which means the medication would not work as well as it should. This can result in a person taking more than the normal amount in order to achieve the same effect. This can lead to Darvocet overdose or addiction. In addition, too much of the active ingredients may be present. Again, this can lead to overdose or addiction.

It is important to seek treatment for Darvocet addiction at a drug rehab center that specializes in or includes this type of addiction in its treatment program. Treatment should be sought as soon as it is evident that an addiction has occurred or is in danger of occurring.

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